Digital lending based on data sciences, has caused a fundamental transformation in the experience of the retail borrower. NJ Capital Private Limited (NJC) marks the entry of NJ group into digital lending.

NJC. a registered Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC), operates the retail lending arm of the NJ Group. The company endeavours to fulfill the credit requirements of its clients by providing them innovative loan products at an affordable cost, thereby enabling the group to be a one stop shop providing for all their financial needs.

Relying on technology, NJC strives to turn lending into a quick, simple and hassle free process. The fully automated process leads to elimination of paperwork, physical movements (of either papers or clients), quick loan disbursals and smooth loan servicing .We endeavour to provide to the client a world class borrowing experience that is truly seamless, intuitive, convenient and user friendly.

The use of data analytics helps in profiling client risk and delivering the right loan product at an appropriate cost, thereby bringing substantial economic gains to them.

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Moratorium Policy Resolution Framework 2.0

NJ Advantages

At NJ Group, we come with a very strong customer and partner franchise built over quarter of a century. The group has a deep understanding of the financial services industry and is ideally placed to fulfill retail credit requirements with innovative products which add financial value to their clients.

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