Distribution Arrangement

NJ Capital Private Limited ("NJCPL") has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with NJ Indiainvest Private Limited ("NJI") wherein NJI sources loan applications and provides for customer servicing through it's online platform www.njindiaonline.com, ("NJ E-Wealth"). The loan management system of NJCPL is seamlessly integrated with NJ E-Wealth to provide for end to end loan lifecycle management starting from sourcing loan applications, enabling loan sanctions and execution of loan agreements, creation of pledge on securities, facilitating bank mandate processing, access to account statements, valuation reports and addressing customer service requests.

NJ Advantages

At NJ Group, we come with a very strong customer and partner franchise built over quarter of a century. The group has a deep understanding of the financial services industry and is ideally placed to fulfill retail credit requirements with innovative products which add financial value to their clients.
The NJ Group is very conservative and believes in disciplined and scientific approach to forecasting and evaluation of financial risks together with the adoption of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact, both in its lending and borrowing operations.
The group has the technological capability to integrate data sources and carry out real time and seamless credit analysis of the loan applicants so as to quickly provide them with the appropriate responses thereby greatly conveniencing the clients.
The strong technology platform offers web access to the clients to their own online Client Desk that provides them the entire service suite to fulfill all their credit requirements, which includes loan application, loan sanctioning, security creation and release and other service requirements including latest loan status etc. Providing for customer convenience and experience management is the core objective of the group.
As different clients come with different credit needs, NJ seeks to provide, over a period of time, the entire suite of loans to fulfill all the credit requirements that could arise.

Client Services

Online Client Desk

At NJ Capital, we provide our Clients with an online account which enables our Clients to login to their account to access the following data / facilities:

  1. The available loan products with all their features.
  2. The credit limits available to them.
  3. Seamless process for application for loans online, loan sanctioning and loan documents execution, on satisfaction of all the necessary conditions.
  4. Pledge / unpledge securities
  5. Regular updates on security valuations and margins requirements.
  6. Account updates along with regular reminders of due dates of loan repayments so as to avoid defaults.
  7. Historical data on the loans availed by the client along with transaction history.


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